Change of domain owner of generic domains

If you would like to change the owner of a generic domain, it is necessary for both owners (current and new) to send an authorized ticket with a request to the domain department via customer administration. If the new owner does not have their own customer account, it is necessary to create a new one. Instructions for creating an authorized ticket can be found here.

Since the domain is not renewed during the owner changing process, the service is free of charge. Data in the whois database will be updated approximately 24 hours after confirmation of the change by both owners. 

After the initiation of the change, both owners (first the new owner, then the current owner) will receive a message requesting confirmation or rejection of the change. Once both owners confirm the change, it will be completed and both the new and the current owner will receive a confirmation message.

WARNING: The validity of the request is only 7 days. If you don´t receive the confirmation message on the day when the change is initiated, please contact our domain department ( and we will resend the message once more.